Hello. Welcome to Writelight*, the blog of Annie Carter.

I am a writer and educator from Peterborough (Cambridgeshire, UK) and the author of The Book Beyond Time, a children’s epic fantasy novel.

Around half my life was spent living just outside London but I also clocked a year in Biberach, an idyllic small town in southern Germany, working as a foreign language assistant. I once took a year out to join a school of performing arts in Birmingham and have also experienced life as an Expat in New York City and New Jersey.

I’ve enjoyed a few stints as a freelancer, mainly for YOPEY, a British youth charity, and used to be a frequent contributor at Lookingatlife, a former webzine of Care for the Family. Originally qualified to be a German teacher, I somehow managed to get into teaching PSHE (Sex & Health Ed) and even Politics (albeit briefly) before focussing my energies on writing.

I’m currently working as a supply teacher in diverse schools across Peterborough (both primary and secondary), and also volunteer at ‘Life Jobs’, a church-based job club (part of Life Community Trust) which delivers 1:1 support and advice for local job-seekers. I previously volunteered with ‘Clean Sheet‘ an organisation which delivers employability workshops in prisons, and prior to that, as an Educator with ‘evaluate‘, a charity that runs SRE presentations in both primary and secondary schools.

As a mother of three sons (17, 15 and 12), the house is usually buzzing and the fridge requires frequent re-stocking! My life is enriched by music, creativity, sunny walks, and being married to Tim since 1994. A few years ago someone encouraged me to start writing poetry, so I took up the challenge and haven’t looked back. I’ve also been known to write the occasional song or two, strumming along on a red guitar.

Sometimes I like to push boundaries and try outrageous things. ‘Eclectic’ sums me up; my faith inspires me. This blog will reflect an array of interests and thoughts, based around topics of culture, family and faith. All views my own etc. Thanks for dropping by.

My writing has featured in Youthwork Magazine, Christian Media Magazine, Threads,  Idea Magazine (EA) and Modem Matters.

I’m now seeking new freelance writing opportunities and am also available for workshops in schools (writing and/or careers focused), for instance on World Book Day.

Contact me: writelight[AT]hotmail.co.uk

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