Declaration: I am a Writer (Part of the Jeff Goins Daily Challenge)

Writing is my passion and my purpose. I have pursued other things and also have other talents, but to write is my current calling which I cannot ignore. Words, phrases, stories, ideas, topics of controversy and topics of everyday life, opinions and insights, contemplations and poems: these are the myriad themes I delight to express, whether anyone cares to read or not. This I know, however; each one remains a living legacy of who I am – a writer.

For this reason I will continue to finish the novel that began with a vision and a dream. I will continue the work I have begun, despite the odds against me, choosing to revel in the joy of writing. Thus I join with hundreds of others to declare it once more. I am a writer.

One thought on “Declaration: I am a Writer (Part of the Jeff Goins Daily Challenge)

  1. TJ says:

    Lovely banner photo

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