For those who missed this over the summer – here’s the follow up article to ‘Candyfloss Culture’. Thanks again to Jennie for working with me and publishing these posts on her blog 🙂
(For any Americans reading, candyfloss = cotton candy.)


Last week, in her first guest post on this blog, Annie Carter wrote a great critique of Western culture, in which she argued that “Though the world is awash with sensory delights, designed to allure and excite, behind the scenes many are struggling to find their place or purpose. … Like candyfloss, the culture tantalises the senses but doesn’t fulfil our deepest needs.”

She noted that “the Church is ideally placed to help people shift their focus from the superfluous features defining our culture to the intangible values that truly matter.”

In today’s post, she considers whether or not we are making the most of this opportunity.


Having seemed so out of touch for so long, the church has caught up remarkably well with current fashions and trends, and enthusiastically embraced the latest cultural norms. In some instances, we’re now at the cutting edge. But have we taken it…

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