On GCSE results day…


Photo Credit: Hammersmithandfulham, Creative Commons

Your grades will not affect your future so much as your attitude and your determination. If you can sharpen these two characteristics you will increase your chances of success in many areas of life – not just your career.

Who you are as a person will always be infinitely more memorable to those whom you meet than how many ‘A’ grades you achieved at 16.

Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others who sailed through and clinched straight As. You may well have talents and abilities beyond the restrictions of an exam paper. Remember that many highly successful people – entrepreneurs, artists, politicians – did not achieve well at school. Read more about that here. This is also worth a read. (American spelling)

Decide now that you will not let your grades – however good or bad – become the benchmark against which you measure yourself. In the grand scheme of things, these grades in your hand today are not necessarily a reflection of you or your future. They are only a small part of your story. Now it’s time to move on. Make decisions, take re-takes if you think that’s what you should do, and focus on developing new skills. Aim for new heights and enjoy new experiences.

Above all, focus on the good things in your life, not the negative. Don’t let disappointment cloud your optimism for other hopes and dreams.

And if you achieved the grades you wanted – well done! You worked hard and things worked out for you. However, remember that you will not always gain what you want in life; sometimes doors will be closed to you and you will also taste disappointment in one way or another. Be considerate of others and have some empathy towards those who are not feeling quite so elated as you.

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