Beyond Winter (a poem)

Enduring, pervading, persistent, prolonged

Yet not permanent
Prevailing, encompassing, surrounding,
Yet not forever
Merely a season
Passing, changing, quickening
Till he brings forth
Though she may tarry
Let her come
Like a bride sweeping to her beloved
Casting all else aside
Determined, focussed, assured
Of his love

Not looking back to the
Bare, stark darkness of
Winter, now
Passing, depleted, defeated
Giving way to warmth
New growth, new life
Vibrant colours of his
Proud in her coming
Majestic, appealing, awe-inspiring
Yet gentle, meek
Awaited, now welcome
Closing the door, once more to

Living Sculptures


I treasure living near a beautiful, well maintained park, taking frequent short walks through the week, either after the morning school run or at lunchtime. Fresh air, exercise and plant life help to revitalize the mind, body and soul. This poem was written both before and after the recent snowfall here in the UK.

Trees like living sculptures, natural works of art

Designs crafted an age before, bound up in seeds of unique DNA

Preserved through changing seasons, revealing shades of green, boughs of brown

A feast for the eyes on this

An ordinary day, inhaling oxygen

Seeping unseen from leaves and branches here since

Generations before as wind moves audibly through

Swaying, majestic arms

Longing , welcoming those in appreciation of their constant

Steadfast presence

Watching over streams of visitors

Passing beneath their shifting shadows


Now winter white descends

Transforming landscape, views reborn

Icicles hanging, frozen webs, frosty twigs

A covering of snow delighting senses

Misty air lingers between branches

Stillness disturbed only by crunching of ice and snow beneath feet

Freezing cold resists the usual walkers

An eerie quiet embraces me

Like a shroud of mystery

Oh the wonder of nature, the salience of seasons

Where worlds collide

Metamorphosis overnight