Caught up in Summer – A Poem

The weather has been pretty atrocious lately around here. It seemed fitting to at least look toward sunnier days and remember fun family summers of the past. I wrote this poem when the boys were much younger – happy days… (At least ones like this)

Sunshine in my hair
Warm rays soak through the skin
Perforating my soul with feelings
Of ridiculous contentment, as I
Absorb this summer day and await another
Long leisurely night

Slow down
No need to hurry now
Drink in blessings from
Above and around, strolling through Central Park
Sipping ice cold juice or playing
Inane invented games with my boys

Giggles and sparkling eyes abound
Listen intently to my stories
We lie down
Heads towards heaven
Pondering changing faces
In the clouds

Bonded in heart and spirit
Joined by common experiences
Caught up in summer
Captivated by creation

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