Day 3: It’s time to Initiate

The writer’s challenge for today is to initiate something. Anything related to writing. Just get going with something new, something you’re a bit scared of doing.

In starting this blog, I feel that I’ve already begun delving into the realm of the scary and uncertain. Will I have anything of worth to say, will anyone ever bother reading? Today I recognise the need to keep the momentum going and to simply keep writing. I decided to take up yesterday’s challenge, waking earlier to write something, and it seemed like a worthwhile plan of action. I actually did get some writing done; 832 words to be precise, though the piece is in serious need of editing. All the same, 832 words more than I would have usually achieved before 9am on any given day. And I guess that can be defined as progress in the world of writing.

As my second draft is awaiting return from my editor, it wasn’t the novel that I was working on this morning. Instead I chose to start an article piece, one of the many articles sitting around waiting to be written, built on nothing more than a title I’ve devised at a random moment in the past. This one is called ‘Customize my faith – The trouble with formulating a faith to suit my lifestyle’. I’ll put it out here once it’s finished.

My response to the call to ‘Initiate’ is thus to develop this blog and actually get some articles out there, ready for whatever opportunities lie ahead. Who knows where it all may lead?

2 thoughts on “Day 3: It’s time to Initiate

  1. Followed you here from Jeff’s blog. Wanted to congratulate you for letting go of your fear and starting a blog. I just started mine last Jan 2011 and it is an amazing world. I have some very close friends I met because of online workshops and blogging that I talk to on the phone now and will visit in person one day. Cheerios.

    • writelightuk says:

      Thanks for dropping by Darlene. I’ve really only recently begun to branch out into social media – it’s good to get involved and learn from other writers.

      ETA – I just checked out your website. Brilliant artwork – nicely done 🙂

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