FaithWalk/ Invitation to Light – A Poem

[As part of today’s writers’ challenge we were encouraged to share something unpolished. Here’s a poem I wrote several years ago that began well but probably needs some work…]

Darkness encapsulates the soul
Flaunting its ability to deplete nearly every last drop of hope and delight
In the ordinariness of a life squeezed by stresses or disillusionment
Deflated by the realisation that self-fulfilment is not within reach
Nor peace a possibility at this stage in the game of life
(Young mothers will understand what I mean)

Yet merely a flicker of an eyelid commands power through its
Invitation to light
As the eyes allow access like windows into my very being
Embracing the call of creation which
Diffuses my small sufferings and dares to defy
Negativity, too much subjectivity
Or inflated thoughts of doom and gloom
Scattered through the day like pepper on a plate

Vision enables me, calls me to scan the horizon from east to west
And to see beyond the boundaries of my existence, while
Everything within cannot resist the rapture of God’s alluring landscape
My lungs expand involuntarily to grasp a fresh taste of salty air
As exuberant waves demand my attention, and I cannot deny
Your existence, Your true trademark of nature
And my all-consuming little life is dwarfed by the wonder of silvery sea and
Sugar-like sand, that cannot be captured in the palm of my hand

And I laugh at the way you designed me to depend on
Your light, as you shine through the sun
Saving my sanity, as warmth envelops me
Teases me, reminds me that there’s more to this world
Than me, than mine, and yet more of me
And your cotton-like clouds entertain far more than what I see on TV
And the stones on the beach are pure pleasure to see
I’ll remember next time
When I open my eyes and respond to your
Invitation to light


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