FaithWalk/ Light and Shadows

When I listen to the song, Shadows, by the David Crowder Band, my whole being wants to respond in affirmation with a resounding ‘Yes!’

Just as my two previously posted poems begin very differently – one focussing on light and warmth, the other on darkness of the soul – this song speaks of the way our lives are continually entwined by light and shadows.

We will all experience a measure of both throughout life. Highs and lows, joy and sorrow. It’s sheer wonder to dwell on the realisation that no matter what we’re currently going through, our lives are in His hands as we rest in the “shadow of the Cross”.

We are not abandoned or forgotten; our heavenly Father walks with us through the depths of our darkest moments and promises to lead us through those times.

Having experienced the awful loss of my Dad at the beginning of this year, I know this is true. In my darkest hour, with my precious dad in his last moments, I was aware of the immense, overwhelming love of God. In the face of desperate sadness and pain I was surrounded by tangible peace and love.

Jesus walked with me through his passing away, and words will never be able to truly convey how my soul was stilled, when it should have felt completely crushed. Yes, sadness was there – and still returns time and again as I struggle to piece together the jigsaw of my life without him. It’s not something to deny or suppress. I fully embrace my feelings, but despite them can still know I am loved, not alone; upheld by grace.

Songs like this help to express in some small way the hope and assurance we have in trusting God through both the peaks and valleys of our lives. The fear that tries to defeat us, dissipates in the presence of His all consuming love.

The music and lyrics of ‘Shadows’ are like a salve to the soul. Let the song wash over you – it’s powerful!

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