My Dad – An English Gentleman (1937-2012)

On this first Father’s Day without my Dad (and I could never have imagined that I would be writing those words before I turned 40) I choose to spend some time remembering his wonderful nature and attributes. From the twinkle in his eyes, to his charming welcome, my Dad was a joy to be around. He loved and accepted people, no matter their status or background, always willing to engage friends and strangers in rapt conversation. He just knew how to put people at ease and make them feel at home.

And my Dad loved me. Unconditionally – from my earliest days, through my turbulent teens and into adulthood. Like a rock, he was dependable and consistent, always willing to listen, to lend a hand and give of himself. Although he wasn’t perfect – like everyone he had some foibles and weaknesses – he mirrored God’s unchanging love to me, always choosing to be thankful and joyful, no matter how dire the situation.  My Dad was a gem – a true gentleman, an exemplary father and a special Grandpa to my sons.

Today I miss his warm embrace, I miss his cheerful voice, but I will remember the many good days I was blessed to have him in my life, to have him as my Dad.


As a young man who captured my mum’s heart.

Joyous day for both of us

Cheerful Dad

P.S In case you’re wondering… I share my dad’s enthusiasm for Germany, gadgets & new technology, but probably have more genes passed down from my mum!)

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