FaithWalk/ Destination Highway – A Poem

Well sometimes I find myself driving along this road of virtual Christianity
bordering the highways of pure vanity and supposed reality
Going in circles, not quite the straight and narrow,
experiencing the same levels of religiosity, at times pandering to my curiosity
which leads me down other alluring paths where someone promises an easy ride.
Or is this just church-ianity? (seems akin to intellectual insanity)
Somehow avoiding any new maturity, never reaching my destiny in You

“Am I nearly there yet?” ringing in my own ears. The end is not in sight and I’m lost in a fog on a dark night longing to find my way home –
Home to You, home to Your truth, Your light, Your glorious freedom
Like a breath of fresh air after swallowing streams of stale vapours for so long
And signs leading to easier paths of pleasure and advancement might tempt me
But there’s no peace, no security in any other way than Your Cross-road

And I can hear you reminding me to seek Your face and You’ll show me Your Glory
“Seek Me in the secret place and I’ll show you the higher way –
One that misses out the potholes of confusion and the diversions of emptiness –
along with the inevitable crashes that bring you to your knees in desperation,
Wondering how on earth you ended up here without Me in your broken vehicle.
When all I want is a broken you – someone who will bring glory to My name, not theirs.”

Image: Creativei,

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