Candyfloss Culture

ImageToday you’ll find me over at Jennie Pollock’s great site  

I met Jennie on the online world via a writing challenge we were both completing. I was unable to complete all the challenges in a timely manner but I’m hoping to knock another two off my list with the above article…Challenge #9 Great Writers Connect with other Writers and Challenge #12 Great Writers Provoke Us.

Jeff Goins’ 15 Habits of Great Writers series certainly alerted me to the fact that I need to be proactive and get going with projects whilst also being ready to stick my neck out and take a few risks. Amazingly, after interacting with Jennie about this article that I’d had brewing in my mind for quite some time, she encouraged me to not only write it but suggested that it feature as a guest post on her blog. Rather than find a million excuses as to why I shouldn’t, I decided to seize the opportunity and go for it.

It turns out that Jennie is also a spectacular editor who worked her refining magic on the post, including dividing it up into two separate articles. I am most thankful for her willingness to offer me this opportunity as a guest blogger and hope that you will enjoy looking around her site. Jennie is also a twitterer well worth following. She can be found at @MissJenniep.

(NB – Candyfloss is our British term for  ‘cotton candy’ as it’s known in the States. Photo:

4 thoughts on “Candyfloss Culture

  1. Thanks Annie, it’s been great fun ‘meeting’ you and working with you.

    Yep, I definitely think you can tick those two habits of great writers off your list now.


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