smartphone poetry//: Chosen

(This poem was jotted down late one night as I was about to go to sleep & emailed to the intended teen recipient whom God impressed on my heart. Here in its original, sloppy format…)

look me in the eye u know u can’t deny the love / once planted in ur heart/ by Jesus/ don’t look away/ u know the price he had to pay for – the precious blood he shed for – u/ don’t look away, why r u throwing it all away? /  when he’s waiting , waiting for u/ his heart breaking for u/ let him love u. Listen, he is near/ calling out ur name/ precious one, child of grace/ turn ur face again to him/ he holds u in a special place close to him/ and his covenant with u is never broken, for u are chosen/ since before time began u are part of His plan/ even knowing all you’d do and the stupid stuff too/ he’d do it all again/ cos u r his child/

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