A Cluttered Mind…


As I looked back on the day, I realised that I had barely had the chance to gather my thoughts and was shocked at how unproductive I had been. It wasn’t a question of time – I certainly had moments throughout the day where I could have focussed on writing. But that was the problem – I couldn’t focus. Demands, distractions and concerns consumed me, and I realised my mind was out of sorts – cluttered.  I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else. It became obvious that:

A cluttered mind…

  • stifles creativity
  • confuses thought
  • thwarts plans
  • delays action
  • minimises success

A cluttered mind may also overwhelm or depress you.

How to de-clutter and refresh your mind?

  • unplug technology
  • walk among nature
  • listen carefully
  • breathe in beauty

Music may also provide a positive backdrop to encourage clarity.

Once in a while we could all benefit from calm and walking away from the chaos.

A quote from the Bible: “But you should keep a clear mind in every situation.” (2 Timothy 4:5, New Living Translation)

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