Beyond Winter (a poem)

Enduring, pervading, persistent, prolonged

Yet not permanent
Prevailing, encompassing, surrounding,
Yet not forever
Merely a season
Passing, changing, quickening
Till he brings forth
Though she may tarry
Let her come
Like a bride sweeping to her beloved
Casting all else aside
Determined, focussed, assured
Of his love

Not looking back to the
Bare, stark darkness of
Winter, now
Passing, depleted, defeated
Giving way to warmth
New growth, new life
Vibrant colours of his
Proud in her coming
Majestic, appealing, awe-inspiring
Yet gentle, meek
Awaited, now welcome
Closing the door, once more to

Living Sculptures


I treasure living near a beautiful, well maintained park, taking frequent short walks through the week, either after the morning school run or at lunchtime. Fresh air, exercise and plant life help to revitalize the mind, body and soul. This poem was written both before and after the recent snowfall here in the UK.

Trees like living sculptures, natural works of art

Designs crafted an age before, bound up in seeds of unique DNA

Preserved through changing seasons, revealing shades of green, boughs of brown

A feast for the eyes on this

An ordinary day, inhaling oxygen

Seeping unseen from leaves and branches here since

Generations before as wind moves audibly through

Swaying, majestic arms

Longing , welcoming those in appreciation of their constant

Steadfast presence

Watching over streams of visitors

Passing beneath their shifting shadows


Now winter white descends

Transforming landscape, views reborn

Icicles hanging, frozen webs, frosty twigs

A covering of snow delighting senses

Misty air lingers between branches

Stillness disturbed only by crunching of ice and snow beneath feet

Freezing cold resists the usual walkers

An eerie quiet embraces me

Like a shroud of mystery

Oh the wonder of nature, the salience of seasons

Where worlds collide

Metamorphosis overnight

Poem: Summer Psalm: Contented Soul

Photo by Peyri from Flikr’s Creative Commons

[It may not be summer, but the gorgeous sunshine today reminded me of a poem I wrote when my boys were younger…]

Sunshine in my hair

Warm rays soak through the skin

Perforating my soul with feelings

Of ridiculous contentment, as I

Absorb this summer day and await another

Long leisurely night


Slow down

No need to hurry now

Drink in beauty from

Above and around, strolling through Central Park

Sipping ice cold juice or playing

Inane invented games with my boys


Giggles and sparkling eyes abound

Listen intently to my stories

We lie down

Heads towards heaven

Pondering changing faces

In the clouds


Ice cream and hotdogs

Friends, family, you and me

So good to be a part of

This unique unit, bonded

In heart and spirit

Joined by common experiences


And I thank God for His goodness, for the

Golden glow on my face.

Sand gives way beneath

Bare feet, and I

Marvel at this wonderful

Expanse called ‘sea’


I could never tire gazing upon her

Shifting patterns nor hearing her

Distinct rhythmic power

As waves splash our faces

Sheer force won’t let me forget

Your guiding hand through life


This earthen vessel recharged

Ready for the dark days ahead

When sunshine is rare

And my hands and heart grow cold

If I should stray from You

Keep the flame alight in my life,

Don’t want to extinguish your

Blazing, breath-taking fire


So I’ll choose to carry

Summer in my heart throughout

The changing year

Poem: Invitation to Light

[I unearthed this poem from six years ago, one of my grittier, honest poems…]

Darkness encapsulates the soul

Flaunting its ability to deplete nearly every last drop of hope and delight

In the ordinariness of a life squeezed by stresses or disillusionment,

Deflated by the realisation that self-fulfilment is not within reach

Nor peace a possibility at this stage in the game of life

(Young mothers may understand what I mean)

Yet merely a flicker of an eyelid commands power through its

Invitation to light,

As the eyes allow access like windows into my very being,

Embracing the call of creation which

Diffuses my small sufferings and dares to defy

Negativity, too much subjectivity

Or inflated thoughts of doom and gloom

Scattered through the day like pepper on a plate

Vision enables me, calls me to scan the horizon from east to west

And to see beyond the boundaries of my existence, while

Everything within cannot resist the rapture of God’s alluring landscape

My lungs expand involuntarily to grasp a fresh taste of salty air

As exuberant waves demand my attention, and I cannot deny

Your existence, Your true trademark of nature

And my all-consuming little life is dwarfed by the wonder of silvery sea and

Sugar-like sand that cannot be captured in the palm of my hand

And I laugh at the way you designed me to depend on

Your light, as you shine through the sun

Saving my sanity, as warmth envelops me,

Teases me, reminds me that there’s more to this world

Than me, than mine, and yet more of me,

And your cotton-like clouds entertain far more than what I see on TV

And the stones on the beach are pure pleasure to see

I’ll remember next time

When I open my eyes and respond to your

Invitation to light

Of Faith And Fear

Photo credit: Creative Commons (toffehoff)

One compels you to action.

The other prevents you from doing anything much at all.

Fear of failure.

Fear of what others think.

Fearful of the obstacles and struggles.

Fear that keeps you in that place you’ve always been.

Fear is a poison, seeping quietly into your soul.

Faith is a first step.

Faith to face those struggles head on.

Faith to believe the truth and follow it.

Faith to listen to the right voices.

The two pull and tug and war against each other.

Faith is a restorer of the soul.

Faith frees the mind, unleashing potential.

The enemy of faith is fear.

Let faith win.

smartphone poetry//: Chosen

(This poem was jotted down late one night as I was about to go to sleep & emailed to the intended teen recipient whom God impressed on my heart. Here in its original, sloppy format…)

look me in the eye u know u can’t deny the love / once planted in ur heart/ by Jesus/ don’t look away/ u know the price he had to pay for – the precious blood he shed for – u/ don’t look away, why r u throwing it all away? /  when he’s waiting , waiting for u/ his heart breaking for u/ let him love u. Listen, he is near/ calling out ur name/ precious one, child of grace/ turn ur face again to him/ he holds u in a special place close to him/ and his covenant with u is never broken, for u are chosen/ since before time began u are part of His plan/ even knowing all you’d do and the stupid stuff too/ he’d do it all again/ cos u r his child/

7/7 (In Less than 24 Hours) – A Poem

On the anniversary of the London 7/7 bombings I’ve decided to re-post a poem which I wrote shortly after that fateful day, seven (eta: now 10) years ago. Thanks to Gillan Scott over at God and Politics UK who has also featured it on his (former) site. [Gillan can now be found over at]

Image Image

From elation to deflation
in less than twenty-four hours
From euphoria and applause
on the streets of London,
to sudden, forceful pause
across the transportation network.

Stillness in the city,
but for the sirens, the screams.
From gasps of delight
to gasps of horror,
From cheerful celebrations
to serene silence.

Lives cruelly snatched away.
Hearts leapt on Wednesday,
sank on Thursday –
Hope sapping from the heart of London
and the heart of man.
But our hope is in you, sovereign Lord

As the nations rage
our hearts remain steadfast in You.
Eight leaders in a room can never save the world,
nor the words, deeds or music of man
But at the King’s Cross
we still have reason for faith,
Hope and Love, they too remain
We won’t live in fear, but freedom